Amqplib – RabbitMQ the easy way

If you have already worked with RabbitMQ message broker in Node.JS/Typescript you probably met the amqplib that is widely popular on NPM and used among many people. The library itself is very well documented and you may find a lot of interesting facts in the documentation. However, as my programming background is mainly based on modern php, I wanted to work with Rabbitmq connection, publisher and consumer structures in Objec-Oriented way. This lack of OOP I tried to solve with creation of the library that is built on the top of the mentioned amqplib and you may find it on NPM named amqplib-plus.

The goal of amqplib-plus library is to create classes for Connection, Publisher and Consumer. The whole library is written in typescript so you can easily integrate it to your own typescript projects or you can use compiled es6 javascript.

Amqplib-plus key features are:

  • connection auto-reconnect feature
  • easy to use object oriented publisher
  • easy to use object oriented consumer that runs user defined function on every consumed message

You can easily install it by running npm install amqplib-plus


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ARES – Administrative Register of Economic Subjects

A few months ago I was asked to implement several open-source libraries in PHP for one czech company called Asisteam. One of them was a simple connector to ARES API (Czech economic subjects registry).

By calling this API endpoints you can get company details and/or validate whether some given company ID (IČO) really exists and correspond to some existing company known by Czech government and law.

You can find the library on github and you’re very welcome to use it and make pull requests if you know of any enhancement or bug fix.


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