ČSOB Business Connector – PHP implementation

A few months ago I was asked to implement the connector in PHP 7.3 for new ČSOB API called Business Connector (CEB). If you have business bank account in ČSOB bank, you can activate the Business Connector in the internet banking. Afterwards this API will be available for you.

PHP implementation of CEB allows you to perform following tasks:

  • account information
  • list incoming/outgoing payments
  • generate import of payment batches

As mentioned the CEB connector is written in PHP 7.3 and you can find the source files on https://github.com/AsisTeam/csob-bc or you can install it into your project via composer require asisteam/csob-bc.

During the implementation I followed the implementation guide provided by ČSOB itself. Unfortunately there was no other open-source implementation of CEB even in different languages so I had no choice of inspiring myself in others code and I had to struggle with ČSOB certificates for a while. Anyway in the end there is a functional program that you can use for your own purpose as you wish and modify the code as you wish.


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ARES – Administrative Register of Economic Subjects

A few months ago I was asked to implement several open-source libraries in PHP for one czech company called Asisteam. One of them was a simple connector to ARES API (Czech economic subjects registry).

By calling this API endpoints you can get company details and/or validate whether some given company ID (IČO) really exists and correspond to some existing company known by Czech government and law.

You can find the library on github and you’re very welcome to use it and make pull requests if you know of any enhancement or bug fix.


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